EY Business Apprenticeship

If you’re ready to start your career in the workplace and keen to avoid student debt then apply to join the EY Business Apprenticeship.

Our new training programme lets you join EY straight after school or college — just as some of our directors and partners did. You’ll go straight into a full-time job with a starting salary of up to £21,500, giving you independence and responsibility — without going to university ?rst. When you qualify, you’ll have the same professional quali?cation you’d normally study for after university, and you’ll earn this sooner than a graduate, with the same career options to look forward to. You’ll be given challenging work on a diverse range of projects and clients, developing a host of transferable skills, and receive on-the job coaching to support you and ensure that you reach your potential. And with opportunities across the UK you’ll receive the same world-class training and experience no matter which UK of?ce you join.

The training for qualification takes up to five years, developing the skills and experience needed to complete the work and study towards a chartered qualification in the service line that you have applied to.

What if I want to go to university first?

EY Scholarship

Bene?t from paid work placements, study towards a professional quali?cation and enjoy £15,000 in scholarship payments during your degree. The EY Scholarship gives you the best of both worlds — and it’s the perfect way to get your career off to a strong start if you’ve decided that university is the right choice for you.

Website: http://www.ey.com/uk/en/careers/students/students—schools