The programme: Deloitte offer a unique scholar’s programme which allows you to combine your dream of travelling during your gap year with invaluable paid business experience at Deloitte but with no commitment, unless you want to, to join full time as a graduate at the end of the Scheme. Not to mention the bonus of ongoing financial scholarship throughout university. Key features of the scheme are:

  • A 30-week paid placement in a UK office starting in August/September
  • A £1,500 bursary to go travelling after the placement and before university
  • A minimum of four weeks of additional paid placements each academic year
  • A £500 annual bursary each academic year
  • The opportunity to work alongside Deloitte’s marketing team at your university campus
  • Exemption from the first interview stage if you decide to apply to Deloitte as a graduate
  • Possible accelerated promotion if you join Deloitte as a graduate
  • Technical experience that may count towards the ICAEW ACA qualification

Entry Requirements:B Grade GCSE Mathematics and C grade GCSE English Language and a minimum of 320, which is based on your top three A-Level grades at first sitting (excluding General Studies).  This is equivalent to an A and 2 B’s.