As there will be a number of applicants for sponsored degree programmes it may be that your first interview takes place over the telephone and only later on in the recruitment process will you be invited along for a face to face interview.

Regardless of the format of the interview employers are looking for you to demonstrate your; personality, skills and attributes as well as your suitability for the role.  As at every stage of the selection procedure employers expect you to; act professionally and take the selection procedure seriously in your responses.

As with the application form the questions can take many forms.  Below are some types of questions you may get and some tips.

Competency/criteria-based questions: these are structured to reflect the competencies or qualities required by the job. The interviewers are looking for evidence of your skills and abilities and expect you to support your answers with examples of your experience from your life to date.  You will have addressed some of these questions in your application form, so make sure you have reviewed this prior to your interview.

Technical questions – if you have applied for a job that requires technical knowledge, it is likely that you will be asked technical questions or have a separate technical interview. Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact answer – interviewers are interested in your thought process and logic.

Portfolio-based questions: if the role is within the creative, media or communications sectors, you may be asked to bring a portfolio of your work to the interview and to have an in-depth discussion about the pieces you have chosen to include.

Case study questions: in these you may be presented with a hypothetical or real business problem. You will be evaluated on your analysis of the problem, how you identify the key issues, how you pursue a particular line of thinking and how you organise your thoughts.