Application Forms

application form

Application form questions usually assess:

  • how your education, work experience and extracurricular activities relate to the vacancy;
  • why you want to work in that particular role/organisation/industry, i.e. your motivation;
  • your skills that are relevant to the role.

You should answer questions concisely and include key words from the job advert/description. Some questions are long and complicated – make sure you answer each specific section.

Sometimes, it can be very difficult fitting your answer into the word limit provided. If this is the case, write whatever comes into your head and edit your work later by getting rid of too much detail and anything you have repeated.

Different forms may look similar but the questions may differ slightly, so do not cut and paste your answers from previous applications without amending what you have written.

There are two main types of questions on the application form.  The first type are suitability questions, which assess how well you’ll fit into the organisation.  The next are competency based questions which examine whether you have the relevant skills and qualities for the role.

For typical questions and model answers use the links below…

Suitability questions

Competency based questions