Application Advice



Applying for a corporate sponsored degree is a lengthy process and the questions are often very daunting for people who are new to the jobs market.  Here are our seven steps to success for completing an application.  For more information you can look at our frequently asked questions along with model answers.

Seven steps to success

  1. Take your time

It’s easy to get over enthusiastic and rush an application form when you’re excited about a job.  Completing a form too quickly will increase your chances of making a mistake and may ruin your chances of getting your dream sponsored degree.  Most application forms allow you to save the form so you can complete it over a longer time period.  Take advantage of this, give yourself time to think about and reflect on your answers.  But of course make sure you complete it by the deadline.

  1. Ask for help

When you’ve spent a long time on an application form it can be difficult to spot errors.  Ask someone you trust to read over the application form before you send it off.  It might be a parent, teacher or older sibling but always have a fresh pair of eyes look over the form before it goes to the employer.

  1. Multiply your chances

Although the number of sponsored degrees is on the increase, the competition for placements is also fierce.  Don’t put all your hopes into one application.  Apply for as many of the placements as you feel are relevant and increase your chances of success.  This will also help you develop your application skills after all, practice makes perfect.

  1. Save the work and save time

As we’ve just said multiple applications multiply your chances of success but these application forms take time to complete.  Luckily for you very often different organisations ask the same type of questions.  Make sure you copy and paste all the questions and the answers you submit into a separate word document.  By doing this you can refer back to these over again, making minor amendments if the question is posed in a slightly different way.  This will allow you to apply for larger numbers of jobs without taking up huge amounts of time.

  1. Research the company

Employers want to know that you’ll fit into their organisation well.  This means you have to understand what their company is about and what you can offer.  Make a note of this before completing your application form.  By doing this you can make sure your answers tie in with the aims and objectives of the company and that you stand out as a candidate.

  1. Know the job description and person specification inside out

The job description and person specification are your guide to what the employer is looking for.  There will be a number of key words which describe the skills and qualities which they are looking for.  You need to make sure your application not only talks about you possessing these qualities but demonstrates them in your answers.  Quire often the application forms will ask you to give examples of times where you have demonstrated particular attributes, make sure your answers are relevant and well structured.  For more advice visit our model answers page.

  1. Stand out from the crowd

The number of applicants for these placements is huge so make sure you have something extra to bring to the organisation.  The only way to show you fulfil the person specification is to have demonstrated the skills in the past.  So, take up a hobby, put yourself forward for more responsibilities at school, volunteer outside of school or increase your work experience.  Make sure that your application is strong not because of what you say but because of what you do.