At Airbus, our people work with passion and determination to build and create amazing products – perhaps an aircraft you may already have flown on, or the satellites that help keep you connected! So, we’re looking for people who have a passion for learning and want to work in an industry that’s always looking to the future.

The highly technical nature of the aerospace industry has created a huge demand for skilled and qualified specialists in the UK. That’s why at Airbus, we have carefully designed our apprenticeship programmes to give you valuable practical training while you complete your college or university studies.

We want to make sure you find a programme that is right for you, so there are many entry options for you to choose from depending on your level of educational achievement, abilities and interests.

Our programmes last from three to five years and have one thing in common – they provide a clear route for you to make your career fly. You will also have the chance to represent Airbus at a wide variety of events such as air shows, careers events and schools’ liaison activities, so you can tell people about what you do.