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Founded in 2012, Sponsored Degree is a fresh and dynamic organisation with the aim of helping young people succeed in higher education or training without incurring mountains debt.

We aspire to bring together a comprehensive list of sponsored degree and higher level apprenticeship vacancies along with our expert advice on applying for and securing the ideal course and job.  We aim to be a one stop shop for school leavers planning on entering into a corporate sponsored degree.

Sponsored Degree was set up by Rebecca, who works with young people looking for school leaver roles.  This website aims to offer invaluable advice and guidance for school leavers.

Programmes and opportunities for school leavers are constantly evolving and developing, particularly in response to the rising costs of tuition fees, with huge numbers of large organisations starting or extending their apprenticeship or degree based programmes all the time.  We want to make sure that every school leaver is aware of the opportunities available to them and that they are confident in how to achieve success when applying.